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Common misconceptions of a conference venue


Common conference venue misconceptions

Whether you've been tasked with organising your first conference or you're an experienced event planner seeking inspiration, finding a venue tailored to your specific requirements needn't be a challenge. We've unravelled three common misconceptions to help your conference planning go as smoothly as possible. 

1. Space and layout
In today's world where we demand uniqueness and visual stimulation, it seems peculiar that it is still common to use the traditional conference set-up with rows of chairs focused around one point. Hosting a conference in a venue which provides flexibility can provide you with the freedom to mix up the layout, and get creative with the space. Ask yourself questions like; how can we use the pillars to create break-out rooms? Can we have more than one central focal point? How can we keep our delegates attention focused so they don't leave? Today's consumer demands interaction, movement and freedom so talk with your venue to overcome these challenges and create a space that works for you.

Layout for conference venues needn't be conventional

2. Conscious catering
One common misconception when booking a conference venue is that you will be faced with a beige finger buffet. Use the knowledge of the venue caterers, who know what the consumers want, to push the traditional bowl food boundaries. Take inspiration from current trends and beware of cultural shifts or lifestyle changes. For example according to The Vegan Society there are three and half times as many vegans as there were in 2006, making veganism one of Britain's fastest growing lifestyle movements. Whether it's ethical, health related or a lifestyle choice, your delegates expect you to be able to provide options to suit their needs and satisfy their stomachs.

Vegan catering options from your conference venue

3. Location, location, location
The mobile/social revolution dramatically changed our behaviour and with this the line between work and personal life has been blurred. People are continuously looking for experiences to keep their life/newsfeed interesting. This means your conference venue needs to provide more than just a roof over your head. The location and its local area can sometimes be the deciding factor when choosing to attend or not. Setting your event at a venue surrounded by the best historical sites, galleries, hotels or fine dining offers international visitors something more from their stay. While fitness fanatics will benefit from nearby outdoor spaces, sports clubs or gym classes. With something for everyone on our doorstep; discover what our central London location offers with these local area guides.

Discover the local area near Olympia London's conference centre

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