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Our caters can provide a variety of food and drink options for your event



We work with exceptional catering partners who cover the full range of event catering requirements. 

Host Olympia

Host Olympia (part of Gather & Gather) are one of the UK’s leading workplace catering experts, connecting customers to brilliant, on-trend food and drink, a market-leading wellness programme and an award-winning suite of technology.

Find out what new measures Host Olympia London will be putting in place to create a safe and enjoyable catering environment. 

Gather & Gather (G&G) are the parent company of Creativevents and have been working with Olympia London for over 15 years. We are very pleased to be growing the established relationship with the team at Gather & Gather. We will also be welcoming the CH&Co hospitality group into our overall catering picture, CH&Co being group holding company of G&G. They will bring expert support and pedigree to our catering offer from the imminent mobilisation period and across the next four years. 

e: info@host-olympia.london
t:  0207 598 5636


Creativevents provide catering in fixed outlets, on the floor and outdoor.

Creativevents align the catering offering to your event, exhibition or concert so that for the customer, food and drink is an enjoyable part of the overall experience and enhances their visit.

They offer a portfolio of food and drink concepts from boutique (such as street food) to coffee bars and more indulgent offers – all served from ‘pop up’ cafe, bars and restaurants in the event space, from the fixed sites within the venue, or even outside. Download the brochure on the right.

t: 020 7598 2482

Stand Catering

Please contact info@host-olympia.london / 0207 598 5636