10–13 MAY

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Further to previous notices, next week we can confirm that we will be working extended hours on Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th May inclusive to allow the installation of the remaining large diameter piles behind the Hammersmith Road Façade.

Works will begin at our usual time of 0800 and from this time we will be drilling the pile and installing the reinforcement cage. 

Between 1600 and 2300 we will pour concrete into the formed pile bores. This activity will require concrete to be poured through the tremie (a pipe dropped into the pile), requiring regular concrete deliveries. These activities will be supported by an electric crawler crane and a super silent jet washer.  Finally, between 2300 and 0000, a plunge column will be installed which will require the use of an electric crawler crane only

These works will be taking place behind the Central retained façade on Hammersmith Road, offering both noise and visual shielding. During dark hours we will have flood lights in use, however these will be carefully placed, facing inwards and angled, to cause as little disturbance as we can to residents.

We have attempted to carry out these works over a couple of days to avoid out of hours working and this has unfortunately not been successful as the wall of the bored hole has lost some integrity. To overcome this LORs strategy is to work late to complete the concreting operation in the same shift to maintain the high standard of quality needed for the project.

Working out of hours is never favourable, and so we would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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